Adolfo Oreison


Adolfo Oreison

A dark-haired fox with a package for you.

Apparent Age 23 Physical Age 30:(18+(6×2))
Gender Male
Origin Italy Religion Catholic
Height 5’10 Weight 160 Size 0
Hair Black Eyes Honey
Handedness Right

Combat Values (Spear, Long)

Init Atk Dfn Dam Encum Soak
+4 +7 +6 +10 0 4

Wound Ranges

Light 1-5 Medium 6-10 Heavy 11-15 Disabled 16-20


Intelligence Intuitive +1
Perception Bird-like 0
Strength Shocking strength +3
Stamina Weak lungs -1
Presence Alluring +1
Communication Charming +1
Dexterity Clever hands 0
Quickness Light-foot +1


Ability Specialty Score XP
Italy Lore Covenants 3 30/50
Bargain Hermetic Goods 4 50/75
Brawl Defense 2 15/30
Charm Men 3 30/50
Chirurgy Self-aid 2 15/30
Civil and Canon Law French customs 1 5/15
Code of Hermes House Mercere 1 5/15
Etiquette Magi 3 30/50
Folk Ken Magi 3 34/50
French Trade 2 15/30
Great Weapon Spear, Long 3 37/50
Guile Hiding Involvement 3 30/50
Intrigue Gossip 3 30/50
Latin Translation 4 50/75
Magic Lore Magical Beasts 2 15/30
Order of Hermes Covenants 3 30/50
Ride Speed 2 15/30
Spanish Trade 2 15/30
Survival Grasslands 2 15/30


  • Well-Traveled, general
  • Red cap, status
  • Social Contacts (Merchant), general
  • Sharp Ears, general
  • Apt Student, general
  • Unaging, supernatural
  • Venus’ Blessing, general
  • Improved Characteristics, general


  • Age Quickly, supernatural
  • Favors, story
  • Covenant Upbringing, personality
  • Avaricious, personality
  • Blackmail (Merchant), story
Personality Score
Broker +3
Fear -2
Flirty +1
Reputation Type Score
reputation group 0


As a young boy born from the union of a magus of the covenant and a visiting redcap, Adolfo was a very active and sociable child. [Charm 2, Folk Ken 2, Guile 2, Italian 5]

Proving to be reasonably intelligent and curious, for the next three years, Adolfo seemed keen on making the most of his opportunities in the covenant, making himself useful in the covenant and bargaining for small services and goods. [Latin 3, Bargaining 2]

Adolfo soon found himself being brought into apprenticeship by his maga mother and well-traveled father. Sometime into his apprenticeship, while traveling with his father to a neighboring covenant, Adolfo was struck by a backlash from an experiment gone awry at one of the laboratories. At first, the side effects seemed good, Adolfo seemed to have gained the strength of a man twice his size. Further magical investigations by his suspicious mother, however, uncovered that his vitality flowed queerly, more pure but burning twice as quickly.

While initially his apprenticeship was grounded, it became apparent that Adolfo’s best hope was to enter the Mercere house properly and request a strong Longevity Ritual to counteract the effects of his new curse. Adolfo threw himself into his studies, driven to make the connections and acquire the resources to extend his life.


While traveling, Adolfo wears heavy leathers over his tunic and carries a long spear. As per his privilege as a redcap, Adolfo also owns several magical items:

Tablet of Measure: a large metal tablet that detects the art and amount of vis in a token placed in the center, whereupon the token’s particulars appear as iconography and roman numerals. [InVi 13: Base 4, +1m Touch, +1m additional effect, +3L for 6 uses a day.]

The Taveler’s Excellent Tent: a miniature leather tent, with guy ropes and pegs. On command it enlarges to the requested size – up to that of a tent capable of sleeping four spaciously (or cramming in 10 men) or of sheltering a man and his horse. On a second command it shrinks back to miniature form, ending the magical effect. [MuAn(He) 9: Base 3, +1m Concentration, +5L item maintains conc., 1 use per day.]

Leather of the Steel Beast: Adolfo’s leather jerkin is magically hardened to provide an additional +3 to Soak. [MuAn 14 : Base 4, +2m Sun, +1L two uses per day, +3L environmental trigger (sunrise and sunset)

Herald’s Comfort: this red cap keeps its owner dry and comfortably warm in any weather. [CrIg(ReAq) 14:Base 2, +1m Touch, +2m Sun, +1L two uses a day, +3L environmental trigger (sunrise and sunset), +1m for requisite effects.

Adolfo Oreison

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