Squad leader of Squad Five



Squad Leader of Squad 5

Apparent Age 27 Physical Age 27
Gender Male
Origin Country Religion Religion
Height 6’1" Weight 182 Size Size
Hair Dark Brown Eyes Green
Handedness Right

Combat Values (Weapon)

Init Atk Dfn Dam Encum Soak
+0 +0 +0 +0 0 0

Wound Ranges

Light 1-5 Medium 6-10 Heavy 11-15 Disabled 16-20


Intelligence description -1
Perception description +0
Strength description +2
Stamina description +1
Presence description -1
Communication description +1
Dexterity description +2
Quickness description +1


Ability Specialty Score XP
Ability Specialty 0 0/0


  • Covenfolk
  • Warrior
    *Sharp ears


  • Reclusive
  • Nocturnal
Personality Score
Trait 0
Reputation Type Score
reputation group 0

Eugene is a seasoned soldier.
Though reclusive and often not much of a day person he is entrusted with the position of squad leader.
Though normal covenfolk don’t often notice Eugene, he has earned the respect of his subordinates by his exceptional skills with a weapon and his strength. His squad trusts his judgement and abilities.
He does not often have anything to say, but does keep a close ear on conversations and any surrounding areas. He is a sharp listener, and when he does speak he is concise and witty.

Unfortunately, he has an extreme case of insomnia and restlessness during the evening, and is often assigned to night watch, or evening patrol.
There are rumors as to why he functions better at night, but no one really knows why, not even his squad.

Because of his inability to rest well during the evening hours, he often goes missing during role call in the morning, or will be found dozing off while standing in formation, or passed out in a supply closet while he’s suppose to be a training.


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