Curious little girl.


Apparent Age 5 Physical Age 5
Gender Female
Origin Country Religion Religion
Height 35" Weight 37lbs Size s
Hair Dirty Blonde Eyes Brown
Handedness Right

  • covenfolk
  • Major Virtue
  • Minor Virtue


  • Free Flaw
  • Major Flaw
  • Minor Flaw

This little girl is interested in all things of the world. Her naivety, and innocence guide her curiosity.
Her mother works in the kitchens of the covenant and she has made a dear friend name Sharpton. A magical rat.
Having grown up in the walls of the covenant she is not afraid of those who posses the gift… she talks to a magical rat for god’s sake.

She enjoys collecting pieces “treasure” from her uncle’s travels from the marketplace. She is very fond her uncle Gregor and he often brings back fun and exciting objects which she puts in her collections.

She enjoys stories from beyond the covenant walls and is often found talking to the hunters, soldiers, teamsters and even sometimes the magi themselves.


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