Ars Magica: Fallen Alliances

Winter Solstice Council, 1221
Covenant meeting of Vestigium Dei

Council Meeting 1222

Planned seasonal activities

Tsubani –
Teaching “Detect Vis”
Searching for magical beasts – 3 seasons
Searching in the meteorite caverns
Assign the translation of the german summae

Searching for a mage

Spring – Creating healing potions
Summer – Traveling to Genoa
Autumn – Outreach to the church
Winter – Studying

Making Loo’s 3 seasons

Bedula -
Learning “Detect Vis”
Searching for vis sources – 3 seasons


Casts Aegis of the hearth

First Council of Vestigium Dei
Winter council of year 1220

Here is the minutes of the first council of Vestigium Dei.

  • The council reaffirmed the covenant oath, explaining that Dreven, Paul, and Yornick will continue to be probationary members for five seasons before being reviewed for full membership.
  • The council discussed the vis sources known to the covenant, assigning duties of collection for the various sources as summarized below:

Vis Source gathering duties


Chittering Bats: Yornick with an escort of grogs will listen in on the bats and collect the vis.
Washing Woman’s Stream: Domina along with a small escort will discuss the stream with the locals to establish a negotiation to collect the vis.


Snake Skin: Bedula with an escort will determine the best way to ensure the snake skin is able to be collected.
Fossilized Tree: Grogs will collect half of the blooms of the tree.


Demon Bear’s Ordure: Yornick will craft a magic collar to prevent the beast from eating children. He will take a medium-sized escort to subdue the bear and place the collar.


Hummingbird Grave: Deven with a small escort will secure the faerie grove and collect the vis.

The council then continued with the following items

  • The council confirms that Deven will cast the Aegis of the Hearth for this year, Biaggio offers to cast it the following years.
  • Biaggio requests permission to increase the upkeep of his labs, the discourse turns to how best to divide the shares of surplus.
  • The council votes on various systems of shares and agrees on a future amendment to the oath of the covenant. The amendment will include language explaining that the surplus generated by the covenant will be placed into accounts, accessible by council or by autocrat. Covenant expenditures are drawn equally from each account, with negative accounts considered borrowed from another member’s account. Final language to be finalized at a later council.
  • Probationary member Yornick requests the acquirement of a tractactus on the art of Animal of sound quality. The council also agrees and a summae on the art of Creo, the abilities of parma magica, penetration, and magic theory should be sought. A mundane book that details Latin should also be sought. Adolfo of house Mercere agrees to seek out these books.
  • Biaggio requests that the covenant acquire the services of a furniture maker.

The First Council of Vestigius Dei ends with the casting of Aegis of the Hearth.

A rough draft of year 1221’s seasonal activities are as follows (Please respond with corrections or activites if you are left blank):

Adolfo Redcap duties
Bedula Studying In Ever Transfiguratus Mundus
Biaggio Laboratory customizations
Domina Studying Gemino corporis et Medicinae fabula
Dreven Studying Omnes Vos Fac Numquid ego non faciet
Paul Blank
Yornick Studying
Adolfo Redcap duties
Bedula Studying Genus Necessitudines Inter Genera
Biaggio Searching for magical beasts
Domina Studying Omnes Vos Fac Numquid ego non faciet
Dreven Studying “Qui Nos Ambit Terram”
Paul Blank
Yornick Enchanting ogre-bear’s collar
Adolfo Free season, possibly on demon-bear expedition
Bedula Studying Omnes Vos Fac Numquid ego non faciet
Biaggio Dependent on finding magical beasts
Domina Studying “Facere Golems somnium, de electrica ovibus?”
Dreven Searching for rego vis sources
Paul Blank
Yornick Expedition to track ogre-bear
Adolfo Free season, likely training with grogs
Bedula Searching for mentem vis sources
Biaggio Extracting vis
Domina Searching for corpus/creo vis sources
Dreven Searching for aquam vis sources
Paul Blank
Yornick Studying
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