Vestigium Dei

Vestigium Dei Covenant

Vis Sources
Vis Stores

Established in 1220 by Domina of Jerbiton, Biaggio of Verditius, and Bedula of Criamon, witnessed by Frederick of Guernicus. This spring covenant is ruled by recently gauntleted magi, leaving it vulnerable to the more senior covenants in the area. The Oath of the Covenant is based on the standard oath of spring covenants. The current members of the covenant are Domina, Biaggio, and Bedula.

The covenant grounds are nestled in the trough left from a fallen star, with three overhanging cliffs overlooking the compound. A waterfall to the back of the covenant drains into unexplored caves and serves as a readily available water source. The increased magical aura of the area has made the area rich in Vis Sources.

The covenant is often visited by pilgrims who are interested in the fallen star and solicitors from all walks of life frequent the front door of the covenant.

Much of the original Vis Stores that the covenant brought the site was consumed in the construction of the mostly stone compound but Domina was able to secure well-priced labor and a large monetary gift to establish the covenant. However, the Vestigium Dei covenant suffers not a small amount of jealousy amongst the other covenants in the tribunal for “claiming” such an interesting and magical site for the covenant and endures some bad reputation amongst the peasantry as well.

While the Library of the covenant is still small, the covenant makes up for the lack with the powerful magic aura that permeates the meteor’s landing site, investing heavily in well stocked Laboratories though some of the labs appear to suffer from unstable galvanic-oscillations coming from the meteor which makes work more difficult.

Vestigium Dei

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